Scavenger Hunt #3. Ten Articles On Writers’ Voice

Ten Articles On Writers’ Voice:










Ten key points:

– “voice” means an original, an author who is like no others.

– To set your voice free, set your words free. Set your characters free. Most important, set your heart free.

– Your voice is yourself in the story.

– The intersection between inner speech and external create write’s voice.

– Spend time analyzing stories or articles you like and jot down the details.

– The right voice makes the work accessible; it gives us the tone and point of view that best illuminate the material and make it shine.

– Let the voice do the job for you in the material in order to tell itself.

– Voice is not only the about the topics, the details, but the the passion for the subject matter, and the fortitude of opinion.

– We must understand ourselves, our personality, and the building materials that have gone into the construction of the edifice we are today.

– Every person has their own unique voice inside them.


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